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Roads are full of rocks, stop them from ruining your cars finish!

The paint on current vehicles are developed to be thin and light weight. Paint protection films (PPF) are a layer of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) film added to the surface of your vehicle. Pebbles, sand, salts, and even shopping carts will be prevented from harming your car when wrapped with the nearly 6 mil thickness of protection from Global PPF.

Our installers are factory certified to wrap your car with the highest level of clear protection available. You may only need a front end package, a durable motorcycle package, or maybe a complete body package suits your needs. Whatever it is, we've got you covered!

Global PPF has a 10 year warranty. Complete with a self healing coating PPF adds luster and gloss to any paint finish. These coatings add depth and shine without the ripply, "orange peel" look of standard PPF products and will keep your vulnerable paint coating from damage likely for the full time you own your vehicle!



Get EXOShield!

Introducing EXOShield GT3

GT3 is the next generation of windshield protection. Longer lasting than any other brand, more durable than any compeditor, and completely invisible!


EXOShield GT3 is built to endure anything the road can throw at it! WE are your EXCLUSIVE EXOShield Partner, ready to save you money from damaged glass!

EXOShield GT3 Can be installed in just one day, cure completely over the following few weeks and PROTECT your windshield for years to come! This film keeps you from paying for expensive and timely repairs, dealing with blemishes and chips, cracks or the hassle and expense full glass replacements!

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