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DC Window tinting


  • Business and office films offer a range of protection with multiple color and finish options.

  • Security films provide break-in protection and graffiti blocking with just 1 layer of material.

  • Decorative frost film blocks all or partial visibility without blocking light illumination into the room.

  • Reflective, Pearl and Ceramic film options to address specific needs for office or warehouse.

  • Custom design films available for a unique glass transition or style.

  • Films can block unwanted visibility and sun damage to goods and materials.

  • Light or dark, reflective or solid color, we have the right options for your needs!


  • Block bright light and glare in rooms with a TV, or simply rooms with too much direct sunlight exposure.

  • Block visibility from neighbors view or in bathroom windows where privacy is a must.

  • Tint can provide far more than other standard window coverings such as blinds and curtains.

  • Common window coverings can break, be hard to keep clean and need constant adjustments.

  • Window tint is installed quickly, and can last well over a decade with no deterioration.

  • Films are easy to clean and quick to replace if any unexpected damage should ever occur.

  • Window films can provide up to 80% heat rejection with our silver, pearl, and ceramic films.

  • Reflective films offer great protection, frost films offer the best privacy, and ceramic films offer heat rejection without much light reduction or sacrificing a view outward.

  • Most films will block UV deterioration of hardwood/laminate floors, and furniture/wall decorations saving you thousand in potential long term damages!