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DC Window tinting


Ceramic reflective tint, mirrored window tint, UV blocking ceramic film, security film to block theft/intrusion or damage from graffiti, films for added color or style in offices or separation walls.


Tinting your home will add privacy, energy savings from heat blocking compounds, reduce TV/computer screen glare, and adds style to add curb appeal.


Ceramic tint for heat rejection, Carbon films for privacy, plus EXOShield  or paint protection films for damage prevention!

Ask about our detailing and ceramic coating service for any vehicle, offered for motorcycles too!


Dark or light films that can keep your family protected from the sun. Add privacy, heat rejection, or protection film for expensive windshields with EXOShield! 

Make your next adventure epic with a top to bottom service!


The Best Shade In Town!


Welcome to DC Window Tinting in Marysville Washington. Operating since 2008, beginning as a small mobile tinting unit and expanding in size, staff and establishments to the current shop on State Street and 92nd in Marysville.


Our ceramic window tint is one of the best in the market, designed to provide heat and glare rejection, UV protection, and privacy without compromising visibility. Ceramic tint is available for vehicles as well as home and business windows. We also offer security film installation to prevent damage to glass caused by natural disasters, break-ins, or accidents. Our team is experienced in working with all glass types and we understand the importance of maintaining a professional and inviting appearance for your storefront, so rest assured we have the products to compliment your design ideas! We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your availability and work efficiently to deliver the highest quality installs of our incredible long-lasting products.

Our services include automotive window tint, residential window tint, commercial window tint, security films, EXOShield windshield protection and paint protection films/PPF products. We offer Carbon and Ceramic window tint, as well as custom films for flat glass applications to serve all your needs.

Does your car or truck need extra protection and shine? Ask us about getting a Ceramic Coating package. More extensive paint correction is available as well. We are proud to offer SB3 products with 12 month and 5 year ceramic coatings!



dc window tinting shaved edge side glass

What can DC help you with today?

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Tint is not all the same..

You've seen them; PURPLE TINT, BUBBLES AND HAZY FILMS that stand out and devalue the appearance and function of many vehicles. These products are the "budget items" at some local shops and we wont even offer them! You get what you pay for with window tint, and at DC as we only offer QUALITY films for your longtime benefit.

Quality window films that we offer will typically outlast the span that you own the vehicle. Premium Ceramic automotive films will come at a slightly higher cost, but the initial value is seen years down the road with our films looking and performing just as good as the day you invested in our products! The same can be said with our residential and commercial films, holding up with high performance for many years in the future.

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